Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Summer...

This summer has been really great!  We didn't take any vacations and we have just been hanging around home, going to camps, and going to the pool.  We love vacations but it has been really nice just to be home.  Being home with both my girls has been the absolute best for me!  Lillie and Marlee think one another is the best thing that has ever happened.  

Marlee just turned 7 months old!  I can not believe it!  She has two teeth, is sitting up on her own, and is just a super happy baby.  In the last day she has learned how to blow through her mouth and makes the funniest little noises.  She isn't "crawling" yet but she gets around.  If you put her on the floor or bed she will roll to whoever she wants to get to or scoot her feet.  She is definitely mobile.  She is fascinated by different textures and loves to be read to.  She loves anything her sister does with her and thinks she is so funny!  WE have spent time looking for someone to watch Marlee for the upcoming school year.  At the end of the last school year our babysitter told us she wasn't going to watch Marlee this next year and it was a huge blow!  I took it very personally and cried for a couple of days.  We have been asking around to try to find someone and it has been an interesting experience.  Eric and I started praying that God would bring just the right person and we think he has!  It's been good for Lillie to see because she has been really worried about it and she asked me one day, "Mom what if you don't find someone good for Marlee?"  I told her that I had been praying about it and believed God would provide.  It's good for her to see her parents living out their faith!  But I still have several more weeks to be home with them and I am loving every minute!

Lillie will be going into the third grade this year.  I can not believe it!  I am a little worried because I think this is going to be a big year for her!  I'm praying she gets just the right set of teachers and that they will love her and see all the wonderful qualities she has.  Lillie is a vibrant, caring, sensitive, smart, funny, and very loving little girl.  I have truly enjoyed seeing her interact with her sister.  That has truly been one of the best aspects of having two, seeing them develop a loving relationship brings me joy like no other!  Lillie has done several camps this year and has had a great time.  She really wanted to go away to camp but Eric and I just weren't ready for that.  We signed her up for a Pine Cove Christian Camp and she had a blast!  Next year we will probably send her to camp but I still think it's going to be incredibly difficult.  It's hard to know when to "let go" with your kids.  She also did VBS at our church which is just phenomenal!  Our church really knows how to minister to the kids and I am always impressed at what a good job they do!  There were over 500 kids this year which was amazing!  Praise God for working in these kids!  

This summer Bryce and his little boy came down as well!  It was really good to get to spend some time alone with them.  The baby is precious and it was good to get to bond with him.  I know my Mom really enjoyed the time they spent staying with her.  

I also knocked out TWO grad. school classes this summer!  It was a five week session.  Although it was a LOT of work it was nice to get it done in five weeks and rejoin my cohort!  I made an A in both classes and am hoping to have my masters by the end of next summer!  

Looking forward to the next few weeks and enjoying my time off as much as possible!  

Lillie and Marlee in their hats!

Love this!  My girls sitting looking at the TV.  This was a split second of stillness!  :)  

Lillie ADORES Marlee!

She fits perfectly in the sink which makes "bath time" so much easier!

Marlee at the pool.  She loves sitting by the fountains.

Spending time with cousins, B.J.

Her usual sweetness!

Lillie getting ready to enjoy the Astro's game and fireworks show!

Uncle Bryce, Lillie and Brycie before heading into the game.  

It was hot and Marlee wanted Lillie's snow cone!  SHE LOVED it!

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Serena said...

Soooooo good to hear news and see pictures!!!! Marlee is a doll. I love the relationship that your girls have. I'll be praying for the perfect sitter for Marlee and a great year for LIllie.