Monday, January 23, 2012

Our new addition....

(My first paragraph is underlined and blue and I can't get it back to normal so sorry in advance!)

Marlee coming home from the hospital

Lillie's first kiss in the new year.

We checked in and they started the Pitocin at 7:00 am and the waiting game began. I ended up getting an epidural at about 12:00 and it was the easiest birth I have EVER had or think any woman every had! I felt very little to NO pain. At about 4:00 pm my Dr. was called, she came in about 5:00 pm, and two pushes later Marlee was born. At 5:06 pm our little Marlee Joyce was born at 7 lbs. 6 oz and 19.75 inches.
It was such an enjoyable experience which is really a weird thing to say. I had the BEST nurse ever who stayed with me all day and was so kind and caring. Her name was Mary. I really need to write the hospital a letter to let them know what an amazing job she did. She made me feel like I was her only patient. (Not sure if I was or not) This pregnancy I was blessed to find a new Dr. Her name is Dr. Marra Francis and we could not have been more happy with her! She is so much fun and such a great doctor. My whole family loved her. She is definitely in the right field because she is so good at what she does. Unfortunately, she has moved and so she won't be my doctor any more which makes me so sad.
Life with Marlee has been so much fun! I LOVE babies and it's been great having one around again. You forget how little they are. Every where we take her people ask us how old she is and we have had several ask us if she was a preemie. She was born with dark brown hair which is so not like anyone in our families. She is incredibly laid back and only cries when she is hungry. She has big blue eyes and is trying really hard to hold her head up. She started doing that at 2 weeks which is incredible to me. She is very attached to me, which I love! Lillie ADORES her sister which I am so happy about. I was very nervous that there was going to be some jealousy and dislike but we haven't experienced any of that. She wants to help give her baths, change her diaper, and pick out her clothes. She also has moved to sit in the middle of the seat in the car so she can be right next to Marlee's car seat. It's going to be very special watching their relationship as they both grow. It melts my heart to see them together.
I am on maternity leave until the beginning of March and it is coming too quick. I am trying to cherish every moment with her because as of Wednesday she will be seven weeks old and it has flown by. Having Lillie seven and a half years ago and trying for five years to have a baby I am much more aware of things with Marlee. I want to take it all in and not push anything. I'm holding her as much as I possibly can, singing to her, getting on the floor with her, anything I can do to just be with her. Our kids grow so quickly and I don't want to miss any part of either of my girls growing up. I am so very blessed to be a Mom of two precious girls and I feel like my life is so complete!

Look here Marlee!

First time at the park with Nannie and Papa, Mommy, Daddy and Lillie.

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Serena said...

I am so, so, so happy for you!!!! She is a beautiful baby. I can't believe how easy your delivery was. N.O.T. F.A.I. R. And thanks for the reminder to enjoy every precious moment with my girls. I admit that I've been a somewhat cranky mama lately.

Lots of love to all of you!