Saturday, March 19, 2011

Go Texan Day/Rodeo!

Well March is Rodeo time in Houston! We have one of the largest rodeo's in the country and it is a lot of fun to go to. You can choose to just go to the Livestock show or you can pay for the rodeo which also includes a concert. The last two years we have just gone to the livestock show which Lillie really enjoys. We go through the animals and check out the bunnies and cattle that is being shown as well as the chickens, sheep, pigs, and so on. Every year Lillie begs us to get a cow, needless to say that won't be happening any time soon! I told her this year she would have to scoop poop all of the time and she said, "That can be Daddy's job!" I don't think Eric is going to agree to that and I already take care of a turtle, dog, cat, and two guinea pigs! I'm at my limit!
This year we decided to go on Friday of Spring Break and I think that was half of Houston's idea as well. There were a TON of people there and it was hot! We stayed for a long time playing games and letting Lillie ride some of the rides. One of the fun things we did this year that we had not done before was go and watch the pig races. They have these tiny pigs that race around the track for an Oreo. It was really cute! They also have a pot belly pig that swims. They said that next week they will be in Georgia for the Guinness book of world records as the fastest swimming pig. She was really cute!

Swifty the swimming potbelly

Lillie ready for the pig races!

Coming out of the haunted house ride.

Lillie by one of the show bulls.

First grade also celebrates Go Texan day! They learn about Texas for two weeks (state bird, flag, flower, tree, the Alamo....) then each class comes up with a chili recipe and they have a chili cook off. Lillie's classes' secret ingredient this year was chocolate! One of the other first grade classes had skittles for it's secret ingredient. Who's up for skittle chili?? :) The kids also dress up in their best western duds and rotate throughout the classes making western items. It seemed like they had a great time!

Lillie and her friend from preschool.

Lillie outside my classroom before the go Texan day began. She picked out her own outfit and was very adamant about wearing the tank top under the buttoned shirt! My little girl definitely knows what she wants. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that makes me very worried as to what her teenage years are going to be like. :)

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Serena said...

Love her spirit and sense of style! And you made me anxious for rodeo time...which isn't until July/August around here.