Saturday, February 19, 2011

100's Day project

Lillie is in First grade and they make a big deal of 100's day. I don't remember us doing that when I was growing up but it seems to be a BIG day in k-2nd grade. This year Lillie had to make something creative that had 100 things on it and then be able to count her items and present it to the class. I saw some amazing projects but I was very proud of ours. I came up with idea and Lillie liked it but then she LOVED making it. She worked very hard on it and was very proud of it when we were done. We were even done a week and a half early! Here is what she came up with. Lillie's Cookies!

The almost final product.

Lillie showing off her work. She was very proud of it!

Working hard!


Serena said...

Cute idea! I love the cookie tray. Sierra's class celebrated the 100th day last week as well. Only there was a slight problem - everyone realized that it wasn't actually the REAL 100th day of school because they had one snow day before Christmas vacation. Oh well! It's still a fun day to celebrate. Her class didn't have to make a project, just bring in 100 items to count, group, weigh, etc. Her 100 marbles were the heaviest set of 100 things. She was pretty proud of that.

Higdon LIfe in Madeira said...

Colleen, you are creative. I enjoyed looking at your blog. I don't write a lot in mine but enjoy doing it once in awhile. People from here go to my blog so I cannot write very personal things but I sure enjoy your comments. Hope you are well.

Thomas said...

Was she doing your taxes before the cookies in the last picture? ;)