Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Wonderful Christmas!

Christmas 2010 was a good one! We began with our traditional Christmas Eve with my parents and Aunt Dana. We went to Christmas Eve's services at the new church Eric and I have been attending, then we went to Red Lobster as a family, then back to my parents house for presents. Red Lobster has been a Tewell Family tradition since Bryce and I were little. We had such a nice relaxing evening with my family. We opened presents then watched Ramona and Bezus. (The movie my mom gave me for Christmas! It is soooo cute and VERY family oriented!) Then we came home and went to bed. Christmas day Lillie woke us up at about 7:30 and we went into the living room to check out what Santa had brought her. We then opened presents to each other and had a nice breakfast together as a family. Lillie got a lot of presents and had a lot of fun playing with them most of the morning. Christmas evening we went over to Eric's family's and had a nice dinner, then opened presents with them.

Christmas this year was really a nice one because it was low key and really centered around family. My hope for the future with Lillie is to find something we can do as a family where we are giving to others for Christmas including doing something on Christmas day. The most special Christmas I ever remember is passing out presents with the Lion's Club. I want that for my family and my children. In the end they won't remember what they got on Christmas morning but I want them to remember that it was about Christ and our family celebrating His birth and doing what He has called us to do. I hope your Christmas was just as special this year and as we enter into 2011 you take time to give thanks to the ONE who gives us all the many blessing we are so undeserving of!

Frog slippers my best friend sent me!

Lillie's gift to me from the school store. I thought it was too cute!

Lillie and Maddie on Christmas morning.
Gifts from Santa!

My little blessing!

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Serena said...

Happy Birthday Colleen! It's January 13th - I think that I have the date correct. I hope that you had a wonderful day.