Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My funny girl...

Lillie absolutely cracks me up! She's says the funniest things... I wanted to post two of her most recent, of course, just posting it doesn't give it justice. This past week Eric went out with some friends at work so it was just Lillie and I for the evening. As I was putting her to bed I was picking up her shoes for the 700th time and said, "Lillie you need to put your shoes where they belong!" She didn't look like she was listening so I asked her, "Lillie are you listening to me?" She replied, "Yes Mom, you said Tinkerbell is sitting on a piece of yarn!" then she started to giggle. The amazing thing about that is she came up with it really quick and it does sound like what I said.

On Tuesday my friend Amie and I took our girls to the mall to see snow (Which there ended up being none) and all of the kids rode with Amie. So Amie tells me that she is waiting for a car to back out and the guy is just sitting there so Amie forgetting Lillie was in the car calls the guy a "Jackass." Lillie says, "Did you mean jerk? Did you forget I was in the car?" Two things here... the first one is I need to stop calling people jerks on the road and second it's funny that with all of the other kids in the car Lillie points out the name calling.

Anyway... just thought I'd share because my little girl makes me laugh!

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Serena said...

HA! HA! HA! HA! Hmmmm...I wonder where she gets it?!