Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well my little girl turned 7 on April 1st! It is so hard to believe she is already 7 and coming close to ending her first grade year. When she turned 6 it still sounded so little but for some reason 7 sounds so much older! Last year and this year I have been able to take the day off for her birthday and just be Mom. It's not only fun for her but I think I enjoy it just as much! I got to get her ready, drop her off at school, then go back up and read for her class. They were so excited! Then my Mom, Eric and I all met her for lunch. She requested that Eric bring Subway so that is what he did. Then we passed out cupcakes to her class. That evening she got to invite a friend to spend the night and then choose where we ate dinner. She wanted to go to a local Mexican food restaurant because they put whipped cream all over your face and sang to you. She really enjoyed it! I have posted some of the pictures from April 1st and will post her birthday party tomorrow! I love you Lillie so much and am so proud of who you are becoming!
Lillie wearing her new outfit that her Nannie bought her.

Lillie at school wearing her birthday crown.

Happy Birthday to Lillie at El Chapparo! She loved the whipped cream on her face!

My Mom sent one present for her because she didn't want to wait until her party. This is the ONE thing she told everyone she wanted and this is her genuine reaction after opening it I just happened to catch it. It is the singing fish off of the McDonalds commercial! It's funny what makes you happy at 7!

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Serena said...

What a crack-up....whipped cream, singing fish, etc. She makes me smile! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LILLIE!!! (I always remember her birthday because she shares it with Chuck.)