Sunday, September 13, 2009

Funny pets and dollar stores...

If you have pets and children you know how entertaining they can be at times. Lillie LOVES our dog Maddie and is constantly telling her what to do and tying her up to things. Lillie loves to put her on a leash and take her to the playroom and just make her wait in there while she plays. I, of course, only let this go on for a limited amount of time because I feel bad for Maddie. Maddie is eight years old and such a sweet dog! Since Halloween is coming up (in two months!) and costumes are already popping up in stores everywhere, Lillie wanted to buy Maddie a costume. When we were in the dollar store today we found this lovely get up and I thought I could afford .99 cents! :) So Maddie being the good sport that she is allowed us to put on the cheerleader outfit and take some pictures. Then she went and hid under the bed! :)
Lillie and Maddie

Maddie in her Cheerleader outfit! Go Cowboys!

Are you ready for some football?
In addition to our dog we have a guinea pig names Zoe who is a little over two years old, a cat named Chloe who got left behind when someone around us moved, and a turtle named Shelly. Shelly was bought by my mom at the dollar store and has been with us for over two years now. She sits in between our kitchen and living room. When you are washing dishes she swims over and watches you. When my mom first brought her over I wasn't thrilled and she was tiny! She has grown quite a bit and we really do enjoy her. She'll stand on her hind feet and it looks funny so I took a picture of her one evening. This is probably just cute to me but I still thought I would share. :)


She's standing on her back legs sticking her head out of the water.


Serena said...

I still remember good ole' Beau and Bunny from Sao Paulo days. If you want a mouse named Squeak, I'll be glad to FEDEX her to your mini pet-zoo. I just cleaned her cage and am not too fond of her at the minute.

My "word verification" below is SHLOGERS. I like it. Maybe I need to get a new pet and use it as a name. :) Have a good week.

The James Family said...

That is cute! I'm glad Maddie is such a good sport with Lillie.