Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Addition to our Family....

Ellie - our new baby bunny
Lillie and Ellie

We love her already!

NO, I am not pregnant! I wish I was but am not right now. We did however get a new little bunny! Yes, we added to our mini zoo. We have a cat, dog, turtle and guinea pig and now our little bunny Ellie! Lillie named her and I thought the name was precious! She is a blond bunny who is missing part of one of her long ears. We went in to get a different bunny that we had seen on Saturday but Lillie and I were sold on the little injured bunny. We now have two pets with "defective" ears. Our cat, Chloe, who showed up at our house a little before the hurricane last year, also has an ear that looks like it is smooshed down. (I think it is a birth defect.) Anyway... we are enjoying our new addition and I know my kids at school are SUPER excited about the new class pet that will be joining the room tomorrow!

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Serena said...

Sooo cute! Looks like Lillie could just squeeze Ellie to pieces. (Kinda like Ally does with Valerie.) Yikes!