Sunday, August 23, 2009

Can't believe it is already here!

My sweet baby girl just a few weeks old.

Peek a Boo

Lillie doing her favorite thing - entertaining!

Tomorrow my little girl starts Kindergarten! I am very excited for her as she begins this new adventure in her young life but so sad that the time has come so quickly! I am putting her out there in the world to learn from other teachers and students. I pray that as she encounters these new people and challenges in her life that they will have a positive impact on her and that God will protect her and keep her safe. My biggest prayer is that this year she will feel loved and accepted by her teachers and her classmates. As a parent you want to protect them from all that believe different then you do but knowing that isn't realistic I just pray it brings opportunities for us to share our faith with those around us. I pray that she will be a little beacon in her classroom of Christ's love. Last year she was so saddened by the fact that she wasn't going to be going to a school where they taught about Jesus, but I told her it was our opportunity to be "missionaries" and tell others about him.

Here are some things about Lillie that I hope others will learn and love about her too!
Lillie is:
An Entertainer
Loves to read
Loves to sing
Loves Jesus
A Learner

LORD protect her and keep her safe tomorrow and give Eric and I a sense of peace in knowing that you are in control of her life. Amen

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Serena said...

Oh my! How did it go?!?!? Sierra starts next Monday. I'm really going to go into shock because she's never even been to pre-school. Can't wait to hear all about Lillie's first impressions. How cool that she wants to be a "classroom missionary." Good training, Mom and Dad!