Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going's On....

Just some pictures taken lately. Our guinea pig that Lillie likes to "baby sit."

Zoe in the pack and play being baby sat.

Lillie and her new western wear. :) We bought it at Buc cee's!

Well today I was blessed with a new position for the year! I was offered a job at an elementary school five minutes from my home. For those of you that I hadn't spoken with I quit The Christian Academy at the end of this past year. We got a new administrator that I didn't agree with or like for that matter. It was very sad leaving that school because when I was hired I had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. I LOVE the families that attend there and love my students. I just felt like God was moving me on and it had been a very bitter sweet leave. I have dreamt many times about it this summer because it is on my mind and I am saddened by many things happening there. Knowing that I was no longer supposed to be there I sought out another position. I had applied with several private schools and four different districts. We had decided to put Lillie into the school she would be zoned to go to UNLESS I got a job at one particular school that was still close to our house. God is really good because I had gone all summer without hearing much from anywhere. I have a friend who I taught with several years ago who suggested my name, she's an AP at this school, and therefore I was offered an opportunity to interview. Today I was called in after interviewing yesterday and was offered a position. I will be teaching third grade self contained, which means all subjects to one class for those of you who are not teachers. I am SUPER excited for so many reasons and know that God has been in full control the entire time. When I had little faith HE reminded me that HE had it under control. He always gives me so much more then I deserve. I believed that when I started at the Christian Academy and I believe that now. I am very grateful!

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Serena said...

Praise the Lord for answered prayer!!! (Even if it takes a long time to get a clear answer, huh?) It's so good to know that God has a perfect plan for our lives. How soon do you start?! Marc went back for in-service today. Boo.