Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm back....

Bryce and I with Junction Jack - Go STROS!

Mom wanted her picture with an animal too so she went and found the guys who dress up like Puma's!
Well after a long time having not blogged I wanted to post some this evening. I have started back to school so it has been really busy! I was going to start with an event we went to in August. The second weekend in August the Astros had Faith night. Lance Berkman ( love him!) our first baseman is a Christian and he gave his testimony that evening then afterwards Steven Curtis Chapman had a concert. After those events we stayed for the Astros/Diamondbacks game. It was a really neat evening. I was excited to hear Lance's testimony and what he had to say. I have liked him for a long time and feel like he is a very normal person. KSBJ, our Christian radio station in Houston has an annual Shareathon every year to raise money for the listener supported station and Lance volunteers during that time to answer phones. I just think he is a really great role model. After he spoke Steven came out and sang while talking about what has been going on in his life lately. As many of you know he lost his five year old daughter this summer after she was hit by the family SUV. I have listened to Steven Curtis Chapman since about 8th grade so it was interesting sitting in there listening to him now as a parent and at 33 years old. He was incredible and it broke my heart to listen to him. As hard as this experience is for him and his family I think God is using his family to touch more lives to further His kingdom. His faith has grown leaps and bounds and you can tell that he is humbled by what God is doing in his life. His two sons were also playing in the band with him, which was really neat. He seems very much like a family man. I had hoped he would not sing the "Cinderella" song but after he talked about it and how hard it had been to be able to sing it since Maria's death he sang it. I cried and cried. I had to leave because it was so upsetting to me. As a parent I think you automatically put yourself in their shoes and realize the pain that they must be going through. If you get an opportunity to go see Steven I would strongly suggest it. I think you won't leave the same as when you arrived!

While waiting for the game to begin Junction Jack, the Astros' mascot, came out and was greeting the kids and taking pictures. I wanted to get my picture with him too so Bryce and I went down and stood by the field hoping he would come our way. I have included the picture we took with him and the one my mom went and got after we took ours. We had a great time and I was glad I got to share that evening with my Dad, Mom, Bryce and Eric.

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