Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friends Forever....

Most recent picture - driving from Arizona to California
Lillie at about five months
Happy times! (Look how good Happy looked!)
So sweet!
Lillie fell asleep with her stethoscope on.

A day out shopping - Lillie was a little over two years old.

Most of you who know Lillie know that she doesn't hardly go anywhere without Happy. Happy is a hedgehog stuffed animal that I had given Eric back when we were dating. When we were dating my cat had a little hedgehog that he would hide around the house. Maddie, my dog, had a hedgehog that she played with also, so I thought Eric should have one too! When Lillie was about four months old she discovered the hedgehog and would twist it's hairs when she would get tired or when she was really upset. It become a soothing tool for her. She still twists his hairs in those moments as well. I was thinking last night how much joy she gets out of this stuffed animal and what a tragedy it would be if anything were to happen to him. I have looked every valentines day for another one just in case we need a back up but never have had any luck. I mentioned it to my class the other day, a class full of boys, and believe it or not even in sixth grade with only boys in the room several of the kids mentioned their stuffed animals that they still sleep with from their toddler days. I am just touched by the simplicity of things children find joy in and reminded to take everything in stride and one day at a time. Happy has brought much joy to our daughter and us by the friendship she has created with him.


Serena said...

SOOOOO cute!!! My friend Kelly has a 3 year old boy named Carson who also has a thing for hedgehogs. That stuffed animal is very cute and it looks like it has been loved on A LOT!

Serena said...

Where are you!?!? I miss reading your updates. I'm sure that life is busy with the beginning of the school year. Hope all is going well.