Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of school...

Lillie thrilled as always to be taking pictures

Her new backpack and lunch box

Another day after school.
Lillie posing!

Well the first day of school for Lillie was on August 13th but I am just now getting to the post about it. We have put her in at the school I am teaching at so that she could be close to me. My mother and father in law watched Lillie last year on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday last year but we felt bad that they gave up so much time so we were trying to not have to rely on them this year so they could have their life back. We had enrolled Lillie into the five day program at TWCA and after enrolling her I cried for about two weeks. I wasn't convinced it was the right decision but I didn't really feel like I had any other options. I just knew that once she started school that would be it and I didn't want it to be too much for her.

Well as always I believe God worked it out and I found out Lillie was the only one enrolled in the five day program. Eric and I didn't know what we were going to do. The school suggested we put her in Kindergarten two days a week or just put her straight into Kindergarten. Neither Eric nor myself like that idea and both of us felt like it wouldn't be beneficial to Lillie. The last thing I want to do as a parent or teacher is to start my child in school and it be a frustrating experience for her. I am a firm believer in not rushing children because by my grade level, fifth grade, you always know who are the younger ones in the group. It can always be seen through the maturity level of the student and sometimes academically. After a lot of thought we put Lillie in the three day program and John and Mary Jo graciously offered to keep Lillie on Tuesday's and Thursday's. We are very blessed that they are willing and able to watch her because I always think it is better for family to have her that loves her then someone we don't know.

Her class is going really well. She has two fantastic teachers and she does science and motor with a friend of mine who is also a wonderful teacher! She takes Spanish and gets to go to the library and check out books and goes to chapel. She is really enjoying it. She and I also have the same lunch time so I am able to go over and help her classmates open their food and get to know them. They are all so cute! One thing about our school is that we have uniforms so Lillie wears a uniform to school. We were concerned about that initially because Lillie has this thing that she just wants to wear "stretchy pants" she throws a fit if you put anything but "stretchy pants" on her. Stretchy pants are pants with elastic and we think she prefers those because she can get them up and down easily when she is needing to use the restroom. But all those cute clothing items for little girls don't come in stretchy pants so that is disappointing sometimes. She has finally given in to the uniforms after seeing that her classmates all have to wear them as well. Chapel days, Wednesday, they have a chapel dress which is a plaid jumper which she looks SO cute in!

I was worried about how I was still going to be able to get work done with her being with me but Eric and I have worked out a schedule where he gets her up and dressed in the morning then brings her in car line. On days that I need to fix her hair I meet her in the early morning line and put her hair up really fast. After school she goes to extended care, which she loves, while I finish up and get some work done. It is going well and we are really blessed to be where we are right now. It just amazes me how much she is learning this year and last. She knows her days of the week in order, she forgets Wednesday sometimes, she can write her name, she can count to 20, she knows all her colors and shapes and the alphabet and so much more! She even knows things like which hand on the clock does what - which shocked Eric and I! I am just amazed at what a sponge kids are and how they learn. I have posted some of her first day pictures. I obviously hadn't gotten to her hair yet but Eric had dried it and gotten her ready. He is doing a great job helping me out and we are all happy which is a good feeling.

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Serena said...

SOOOOO glad you're back. Looks like things are going well. Lillie is such a big girl now...very cute in her uniform, I must say. I really need to get busy with Sierra and the whole alphabet thing. She's pretty smart, but I haven't been good about teaching her all the letters yet. I'm impressed about the clock thing. Wow!