Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family in town...

Dick, Katie and Lillie

Lillie's face painting - Ariel!

Lillie and Sponge Bob

Dick and Lillie on the train as it rode by!

This past week Eric's sister and husband came into town from Colorado along with some close friends of theirs. We had a lot of fun tromping around the city doing different things. We went to Splashtown Waterpark one day, to see a cheesy 3D movie (Journey to the Center of the Earth), to get Facials and Massages, and to Kemah one day. Kemah is a boardwalk along the ocean that has a lot of restaurants and rides. It was a fun HOT day! We took a speed boat ride that I laughed and laughed on. Because it was so hot we sat in an area on the boat where we knew we would get wet, we never dreamed how wet though. Mary Jo and John, Eric's parents, sat in the wettest seats on the boat. It was too funny watching them just get drenched with ocean water! After eating we headed to the rides - Katie, Eric's sister, is the only adventurous one that would go on a ride called Chaos with me. You sit in a two seater "cart" and when the ride starts it spins then flips up side down. It was a lot of fun! Lillie asked Dick, Katie's husband, to go on the train ride with her around the boardwalk. Dick is a big kid himself and Lillie loves him! We had a great time and it was so good to get to see them!

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