Thursday, August 7, 2008

Amanda's birthday....

Eric, Allison, Amanda and I on Allison's birthday at Chuck E Cheese.
(not the best of Eric but I loved the girls faces)

Amanda and Lillie on her 15th birthday. She was so sweet to let Lillie help blow out the candles.

Amanda and her boyfriend Andy.

I have been meaning to post some new events but am just now sitting down to do it so there are going to be several short ones. One July 29th Eric's precious niece Amanda turned 15! I can hardly believe how she has grown in the past few years. It has been a joy getting to see her grow and mature into a sweet, beautiful, caring young lady. I wanted to post some fun pictures from her birthday, and one of her when Eric and I were dating. There is such a difference and I can't believe she will be learning to drive this year and then be driving on her own next year! WOW! Hope this year is one of many memories and fun times with your family and friends Amanda!

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