Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Tom!

Tom and Lillie (five months old) - notice Tom's sweatshirt. :)

Tom with the purse - "That's how I roll."
Cassie and Lillie (I just had to include this picture because it is so sweet)
OK - I love blogging and I know Tom looks at my blog so I thought I would wish him a Happy Birthday! Hope today is a great day for you and that you are all healed and no longer stuffy. In honor of your birthday I went through my pictures and pulled some that I liked. I know I mentioned it while we were in Arizona but the progression of Tom and Lillie has been amazing and can be seen through the pictures we have taken throughout the years. I wanted to post some of those. Tom was very apprehensive at first of children and Lillie and they seem to have grown fond of one another. Well Lillie loves Tom! :)

When I first met Cassie, she and Tom were dating but he was living in Phoenix while we were in Flagstaff. Throughout the years I have grown very fond of Tom. Tom and Cassie are perfect for one another and he treats her with such kindness and love. I appreciate how Tom has always accepted me being around (or pretended to :) ) and I enjoy the friendship that we now have as couples. I also really appreciate the love that both Tom and Cassie show to Lillie and the patience they have with her and us. It means a lot to know that they both care about her. Here's to you TOM! Have a Happy Birthday!
The Ford Team!

Lillie took off her white shirt to eat lunch and didn't want to put it back on so yes, she is shirtless - sorry. :)

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Thomas said...

That's really cute. Tell Lillie that I appreciate it.

And you guys are fun to hang around with! We both love hanging out with you guys, and are very blessed that we have you, Eric, and Lillie in our lives.

Now, if I just wasn't such a wuss at getting sick. :)