Sunday, June 29, 2008

My husband is obsessed!

The trap

The Culprit

We have a very nice yard and a large backyard for where we live. We have been trying this year to get some more flowers planted, however, every time we get new blooms the squirrels dig up our plants and eat all of the flowers. We keep telling people about our dilemma and every one's response is, "I have never heard of a squirrel eating flowers." Well... they do and they also like the roots at the bottom of the plants. So Eric and his Dad have been thinking of ways to get rid of the squirrels. Their plan was to shoot the squirrels but after much talking with Eric (and complaining) he decided to get a trap. The plan was to put peanut butter and bird seed in the cage and trap them. I told Eric I wasn't sure that was going to work because they were smart. He begged to differ! The first day the trap was set and THREE squirrels played on it, around it, and in it, while Eric watched. (I had to say I told you so!) So he left it out a few days hoping the squirrels would get used to it being there. After about two weeks it was time to reset. Yesterday, he put more peanut butter and seed in and set the trap out again. The squirrels dug under the cage and got the food. This only fueled Eric's drive to catch the rodents! Today he watched and waited and this morning I hear, "WE CAUGHT US A SQUIRREL!"

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Serena said...

Congrats! But I have a question....what did you do with the squirrel after it was caught?!? Do I want to know?! I still have horrific memories of Marc, mice, paper bags and hammers. Enough said.