Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Libby Lu

Lillie observing her glitter stickers and make up

Lillie first wanted the microphone but then chose the head set. Here is her sash after getting all dolled up.
OK - the other night Eric and I took Lillie to the mall, a place she thoroughly enjoys, and she and I went into Libby Lu. If you don't know what Libby Lu is it is a girly store where you can get all kinds of trendy things - right now it is anything Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, or High School Musical. This store was right up Lillie's ally! While in the store you can also have your hair, make-up, and nails done. We decided to let Lillie do this so she chose the hairstyle (trendy), got her nails painted purple, then was allowed to pick out one accessory that came with the package we purchased. She chose the headset with microphone! (No surprise if you know Lillie!) Afterwards the girls that worked there wanted to know if Lillie would want to dance. Lillie dance? - that would be a YES. The girls there have choreographed songs but Lillie didn't know this so she just started to dance on her own. When the song came on she realized she was supposed to follow the two girls leading. Needless to say this whole experience was not only fun for Lillie but I was thoroughly enjoying it. I laughed so hard when she was dancing with her new little fancy hair do and glittered hearts on her face. I noticed that there were several observers in the mall that had stopped to watch as well. I saw one lady walk by, then back up and call her friend over to watch Lillie dance. Lillie has already asked if we could go back there to get her hair done again. It really was a fun experience and one that I am sure we will have many more of in our future.

One of the qualities that we love about Lillie is that she has no inhibitions - she will do pretty much anything, a quality I hope she has for a long time. She loves to get dressed up and be the center of attention. She has such a sweet and fun personality and Eric and I are very blessed! It's amazing how much our children can bring joy into our lives. This evening at Libby Lu will be a memory I cherish for years to come! I have posted some of the pictures and two of the videos. Enjoy!

The first video is Lillie's dance pre-Hannah Montana and the second video is her shimming with the girls who worked there.


Serena said...

Very, very cute!!! I wish that we had a Libby Lu's here in Idaho. There is a kids' hair/make-up/nail place called "Monkey Doo's" which I would love to take Sierra to someday. Lillie looks like a spunky little girl!! Happy 4th! And thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm glad that you figured it out.

The James Family said...

How cute! I love the videos of her dancing. I didn't even know there was such a place as Libby Lu--I guess I am out of the loop since I have a boy. Lillie is so cute and seems like such a fun little girl.