Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy Princess...

Lillie has a fascination with princesses as do a lot of little girls right now. What was it when we were little? Strawberry Shortcake? Care Bears? Hard to remember... I remember when Bryce and I were little we were always wanting to put on a show for my parents. We would come up with some "great" idea, put on a silly outfit, then come out and ask if we could preform for them. I just remember them telling us to "go and practice" and "keep practicing" (a stalling tactic!) Then we would come out and preform. Now I understand how my parents were feeling. :)

As soon as we get home every day Lillie puts on her favorite dress up gown and high heels and tromps around the house. She had been asking Eric and I if we would come to her concert all day so we headed into her room where there were two little tinker bell chairs set up, ready to be sat in. After telling her there was no way we would fit in those two little chairs we sat on the floor and took in the concert. She decided she would sit in the tinker bell chair, walked over started her CD, and then got her song book. Here is one of the songs she sang at her concert.... Keep in mind this is late in the evening and she never wants to keep her hair fixed! :)

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Serena said...

SOOOO cute! We have got to get our girls together before they outgrow this stage in life. They would love doing shows together. Sierra likes to make up absurd games for me to play. Her rules never make any sense, but....hey, sometimes I still win!