Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kindergarden Graduation

I remember thinking when I had Lillie what a joy she was and how I was amazed at how much love I could have for one person. I was and still am fascinated by what she learns and says and when I slow down and really treasure what a gift God has given me I feel so extremely overwhelmed and undeserving.

This week we saw our little girl graduate from Kindergarten. I remember crying and crying when she went into preschool at four knowing that, that was the beginning of many years to come in school. Then I remember at the beginning of this year hardly believing she was ready and old enough for Kindergarten and now we are done! Time goes too fast!

This year has been a great year in many ways. Lillie is an incredible reader, she is extremely creative, and an excellent writer. Her vocabulary exceeds a lot of children in her class and her teacher said she was often the source of getting the higher level words to come out from the others. (I'm convinced this is because she has no siblings and is around adults all of the time!) Lillie likes to be challenged and is proud of her accomplishments. In some ways this year has also been very difficult. Lillie is and always will be a very busy little girl. As teachers, we know that good teachers are those that can let children be who they are and learn in ways that they are best learning in. Unfortunately I don't feel like Lillie had a fair shot at that this year. I know that we will encounter years where it will be more of a challenge and years that are going to go really well. My goal and hope for Lillie is that through it all she remains happy and feels successful in her journey throughout school. My mom used to always tell me that I will be a better teacher once I have children of my own because I will understand the parent perspective more. I didn't believe her then, but completely understand now. You send you pride and joy off to be in the care of someone else for long periods of time and you hope that they are able to get a small glimpse of who it is you would put your life on the line for. I am VERY proud of Lillie and all that she has accomplished in her first year of school! I pray that I take every day we are given and live it to the fullest, because time is going too fast! I also pray that as she continues to grow she can become all that God has meant for her to be! I'm very blessed!

Lillie on stage

Lillie and Sparkle. (My Mom)

Lillie and Grandpa (My Dad)

My sweet little girl! I love you Lillie!


Serena said...

Congratulations Lillie! Great job in Kindergarten this year. And - Good job to your Mommy as well. I hope that you all have a wonderful summer.

Tracey said...

Wow! I am inspired! I knew you were gonna be a good teacher at the beginning of last school year when I first met you with Libby. As the year went on and we started to have issues with my baby girl, you were patient, cooperative, and helpful in every way you could be. You proved me right.. you are a great teacher to my child, the rest of the children who have been in your class, and most importantly to your daughter! She is a sweet little girl and I can definately tell that she is a bright light in your life! she is lucky to have such a great mom and teacher! :)