Sunday, November 1, 2009

Busy Busy Halloween...

Lillie and her cousins Amanda (a pirate) and Allison (Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.) I thought this turned out so cute!

This year was a fun Halloween year because Lillie could hardly wait to get in her costume and go trick or treating. We started Friday out with the Kindergartners and First graders at our school doing a story book parade. We were very fortunate because we had already picked out our costume and it was Raggedy Ann so it fit perfectly.

Then Saturday morning we woke up and headed over to the Jr. High for a Halloween carnival of sorts. The different schools in the area hosted different games and activities. Lillie painted a pumpkin, fished for treats, threw hoops around pumpkins and more. We headed from there to one of the parks and did a few more activities. While we were there Lillie found a friend from her class last year and they chased one another around for a while. We left the park and stopped by my friend Donese's house for her to see Lillie then headed home to meet my parents. My parents came over and we went to a non existent Trunk or Treat (It was the wrong church!) and then trick or treated around our neighborhood. After that we went over to Eric's sister's house to see his side of the family. It was a VERY eventful two days and I am glad it is all over with but we had a really nice time and best of all Lillie had a BLAST!

Lillie, Tatum and Jadan

Eric's pumpkin he carved. Eric and Lillie carved two this year! Every year Eric does the carving and the baking of the seeds. He gets very excited about the carving!

Lillie at the story book parade.

Maddie in her princess outfit. She walked with us around the neighborhood but her hat wouldn't stay up. She got a lot of compliments!

This is Lillie at the zoo the week before. I will post more on that later but I thought it was a cute picture!

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