Sunday, November 8, 2009

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines...

This weekend Eric and I went to Colorado (Alone!) to go see a football game! We had a fast and furious weekend but it was a lot of fun. Eric's cousin, Scott, is a senior at West Point and they were playing the Air Force this weekend and we were invited to go. We flew into Denver and then drove to Colorado Springs for some family time and the game. It was so much fun!
I have the utmost respect for those that serve in our military and love all of the traditions behind it all. My Grandpa served in the Army for a term then reenlisted and my Uncle Dennis was a Colonel in the Air Force most of my life. My Granddad also served in the Army and fought during WWII. A few years ago Washington put up a memorial for The Greatest Generation and my mom was able to go with my Granddad to be a part of the memorial. I would say I am a very patriotic person and get very emotional whenever American songs are played or veterans are honored. So the game on Saturday was so much fun! There were cadets in uniform everywhere. Before the game began they had two fly overs, One of the planes was a B1 Bomber! There were also five paratroopers that jumped out of planes who have served in the military. They landed on the field telling then the announcer told about their years of service. During half time the Air Force Academy brought out their mascot, the falcon, and had her flying all over. It was really neat! We had a nice time and I am really glad we got to go!

This is half time when the band was playing. The students with the flags are carrying all of the different flags that have been flown.

Here are the shout leaders for West Point!

One of the paratroopers

This is Eric's Aunt Susan, Cousin Scott, and Uncle Johnny

This is my Sister in law Katie, Scott, and Mother in law Mary Jo.

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