Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to Eat!

Lillie and the Rabbit from Alice and Wonderland

This is the third year we have done the breakfast with the characters for Lillie to get to see them up-close.  We have done Minnie and Friends three times and the Ariel's Grotto once.  It is very expensive but I have to say it is worth it.  We buy the autograph albums and have the characters sign them then take her pictures.   I look forward to having those as Lillie gets older to see how different Lillie was each year.  This year she REALLY enjoyed it.  She was so excited she didn't want to eat.  We got to see many of the characters and this year is a Celebration theme at Disneyland because they are celebrating their 50th birthday.  With that theme comes lots of balloons and special events.  FYI if you go ON your birthday to Disneyland you can get in FREE!  You have to prove that it is your birthday, but it's true it is totally FREE entrance.  I think that is a good deal!  So you see all kind of people with tags on that says, "Today's my birthday!"  I digress.... 

Because of the Celebrations theme at one point during the breakfast they all came out to "Celebrate" which meant they danced around with the kids.  It was very entertaining.  Whoever was Eeyore was quite the jokester.  He danced in a hula hoop position making the belly go around and around it was too funny!  We really enjoyed ourselves and Lillie had a GREAT time!
Lillie and the Fairy Godmother.  She was very sweet!

One of every one's favorite - Minnie!

Pooh and Lillie

Rafiki from the Lion King.

The funny thing about him is that on our way the one person Lillie did NOT want to take her picture with was him.  Last year Eric had to take his picture with him because Lillie was too afraid.  So we get seated and who is the FIRST character to appear at our table?  YEP, Rafiki.  He was nice though and Lillie did end up getting her picture with him as long as Mommy was in it too!  :)  

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Serena said...

Looks like F-U-N!!! My girls would have been terrified by Rafiki as well. Heck, I am.