Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beginning of our Trip...

We have made it to California!  We left on Saturday and our plan was to fly into LA and go to Disneyland and California Adventure for a few days.  Then we are going to leave on Tuesday to head to San Francisco.  Lillie has flown several times in her short lifetime but doesn't really remember those flights and she couldn't wait to get on the plane.  We were sitting in the airport and she asked me, "Mommy where does our luggage go?"  I explained to her that they put the luggage on the bottom of the plane and her next statement was, "Oh, do they use sticky tape?"  She thought they stuck our bags to the bottom of the plane.  Wonder if that would save us 15.00 a bag? 
 When we arrived in LA we rented a car then headed to Anaheim.  We checked into our hotel and then met up with my best friend Cassie and her husband Tom.  We went to lunch then headed over to California Adventure for the evening.  We were able to squeeze in Soarin', The Toy Story Ride, Tower of Terror (twice), Monsters Inc.,The Light Show Parade, and much more!  Lillie LOVED Tower of Terror.  One thing I love about Lillie is that she isn't fearful of anything.  She is always willing to try everything and usually likes it too!  She is a little adventurer so coming to places like this are fun because she will do everything.  Bryce and I were very much like that as kids as well.  My parents were great about taking us on family vacations and we always tried everything!  My Dad's theme was, "We're on vacation we can do whatever we want!"  I always loved that because they really did follow through with it!  I hope Lillie will have as fond of memories of our vacations as I do of when I was a child.    

 Lillie in the big basket of fish at California Adventure.
Lillie while we are waiting for Eric to get our rental car.
Lillie was so excited about everything that by the time we got in the car and headed out, SHE was out!  
Cassie and Lillie on the Toy Story ride!  This ride is the BEST!

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Serena said...

SOOOO JEALOUS! What a fun trip.