Friday, December 26, 2008

Some fun pictures...

Believe it or not it snowed in Houston! I went and got Lillie at school to come out and play in it. Here is her snow ball. She is always telling me, "Mommy you said it doesn't snow here but it did!" It was an exciting day for us Houstonians. :)

This is one of the rides at Santa Land up in Colorado! It's a Christmas themed amusement park - very cute!

Here is Lillie dressed as a Biblical Character for AWANAS! I don't remember what she was laughing about but this is typical Lillie! I just love her!

This is also typical Lillie. Donese my dear friend and teaching partner is a dancer and gave Lillie some fun outfits. Lillie puts them on all of the time and dances around the house. Eric and I, of course, have to join her and put on our "fancy" clothes!

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