Saturday, September 20, 2008

During Ike...

Well Ike came and went and boy has it been interesting. I thought I would explain this experience in several entries since there are too many pictures and stories to share. We prepared for the storm by buying water, bread, and getting our cars filled with gas. We also made sure all of the batteries were working in all of our flashlights and filled the bathtub with water just in case we lost water. The storm was supposed to blow through about midnight last Friday night so we decided to put Lillie in our room for the night just because we didn't know what to expect. The wind was coming so hard that we ended up moving to the entry way about 5:00am, that is the only place in our house that doesn't have windows. We, amazingly, still had electricity at this point and I had just talked to my mom on the phone telling her I couldn't believe we still had power, however, the minute I hung up it went off. :) It was funny timing. There was a lot of rain and powerful winds the whole night and part of the day. Every time we heard a loud bang we would all run to the windows and see what it was. Aren't you supposed to stay away from the windows during a hurricane? It has been interesting going through this with Lillie because she is very curious about it and I think has been worried at times. Here are some pictures from the night of the hurricane.
Lillie's mattress in the entry way.

Lillie made a pickle sandwich that day for lunch. (Kids do very interesting things)

Lillie eating her pickle sandwich. Notice she has on her princess dress there is never a time even without power that she doesn't dress up!

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