Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aftermath of Ike...

Well the day after the hurricane we went out to survey the damage. Our neighborhood was hit hard. We had a tree fall on the back of our house and as it fell it hit another tree that broke off and also fell on our house. Our front and back yard had leaves and branches everywhere! Our neighbors across the street had a tree fall on the front of their garage that took them about three days to get removed. We also had large trees fall on the left and right side of us and blocked us in our street. After driving around the neighborhood we saw trees that had fallen on houses and broken in the roofs, one tree fell on a guys truck and into his neighbors yard. We drove out towards our parents house and there were down power lines everywhere. Electricity has been out almost everywhere. They said there were over 3 million people without electricity. Ours thankfully, came back on Tuesday evening and we were fortunate not to lose water. My parents lost water and have yet to get their electricity back on. They are saying it will still be another week before they are able to get it on again. I have friends in The Woodlands who are also still out of power. It has been very interesting. All of the stores have been closed until mid week last week and even the few that opened were only letting a few people in at a time. People going into the stores were told they had 15 minutes to shop and come back out. Those who went to the store were only able to buy canned goods, there was no meat, dairy, bread, water or ice to be found anywhere. They have set up PODS (Place of Distribution) around town for people to go and get some necessities but the lines are incredibly long. The gas lines have been like nothing I have ever seen before. Police officers have had to direct traffic around the gas stations because lines form that are about 3/4 of a mile long and people are just waiting to fill up. It has been interesting and even more interesting to explain to Lillie why we can't just stop and get fast food or buy something in a store because nobody has electricity. The phone lines have also been busy so to get a call out or in takes many many tries. We are just now getting back to "normal." The malls opened today along with several stores. I was going to make my parents dinner the other night and was unable to find meat anywhere. I did finally find milk at Walmart but that was the only dairy I was able to buy. They didn't have any cheese, yogurt, eggs, or anything that needed to be refrigerated. We have been out of school the whole week but are scheduled to go back on Monday. I have posted some pictures of our neighborhood and will include more in the next post.
This is our walkway looking from our front door.

This is our neighbors house across the street. This tree uprooted and landed on their garage.

Here is our other neighbors tree that fell on their fence and landed in the street.

Tree that fell on the mans truck in our neighborhood.

The back of our house and the trees that landed on it.

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