Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anyone else do homework like this?

Our little girl is now in first grade and there is nightly homework that we are supposed to work on, however, Lillie does NOT like to do it! Every night we sit down to do homework is followed by a lot of whining and frustration on Eric and my part. We are supposed to practice the weekly spelling words, go over Math facts, read, and then whatever else comes along with the unit for that week. Usually Eric sits down to do the work because he has wayyyy more patience then I do and after being with children all day I am sometimes at my limit. Well the other night this is what Lillie came to do her homework in. I had a hard time not laughing and she was getting a kick out of it as well.

Lillie and Eric practicing math facts.

Lillie showing off her outfit. The go-go boots are a gift from my really good friend Donese.

Being silly.

For those of you that read my blog (if anyone) that don't know Lillie she is a very smart little girl. For three years now her teachers have told us that. She is very imaginative and a great little reader! On a flip note she is also very stubborn and strong willed. She has always been a bit of a challenge for Eric and I and at times I feel like a failure as a parent, but what I try to remember is that Lillie can bring so much joy and she has a very giving heart. I have learned as a parent that children come with personalities when they are born and that it is my job to teach Lillie about who she is in Christ and guide her to find out what His purpose is for her. I know some of the more difficult traits will come to serve her well in life and that God continues to teach me so much through her. I just hope we can make it through the school years and the homework every night in the mean time! :) Please tell me does anyone else do homework like this???

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Serena said...

Well said! Raising kids certainly is a HUGE challenge and a HUGE blessing. It makes me appreciate my own parents all the more.

And - NO! I have never seen a homework outfit quite like that one! :)