Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GREAT idea!

OK so lately I have found some wonderful new teacher blog sites. In fact I could easily see this becoming an addiction reading all of these so I have to refrain and watch my time on the computer. However, in reading one of these sites I discovered a cool way to make your blog into a scrapbook reality! For those of my friends, which there are several of you, who use their blog as a way to track the lives of your precious ones my thought was of you! Check out this site


I would love to know if you end up ordering one! I think I am going to!

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Serena said...

Oh - I have always wanted to get our blog in print format. Thanks for the link!!! Unfortunately, it would cost $94.06 to get it all printed at this time. YIKES! I don't have an extra hundred bucks to spend right now. I guess that I'll have to pick and choose the most important posts and just have those printed. I loved how they make a table of contents for the book at the beginning. Let me know how yours turns out if you get one printed.